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A baby; Am I ready for that?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

A baby. That's actually something that's very beautiful and at the same time very scary. Having a baby is a big and important decision that you need to think about. It's going to change your whole life. But who says that has to be negative.

The best age to get pregnant.

Technically, that's the age at which you think you're ready. Biologically, this is between 20 and 25 years old. This is because the body is most fertile at this age. Of course it is possible to get pregnant at a later age. But remember that the chances are less, in moderation, the older you get.

When do I know I'm ready?

100% Sure you will never be able to be, because you haven't experienced it before. But you feel for yourself when the perfect time is. Just make sure you've looked up enough information on different topics when it comes to having a baby. Your partner is the best person to talk about, of course you and your partner should be on one line when it comes to having a baby. Finally, he or she is the person with whom you make this important decision. Make sure you both fully support it. Inform yourself as much as possible and you will automatically get that feeling; I'm ready.

Financial situation

It's a sensitive subject that needs to be talked about. Finance is a big part of having children. Kids are very expensive. Not only the children themselves but also the hospital costs for when you are pregnant. Make sure you're financially strong enough before you make such an important decision. Otherwise, the whole situation will be very stressful and you will not be happier.