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Help! How do I toilet train my child?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Your child will of course not become toilet trained on its own. You as a parent have a lot of influence on this. It is important to realize that this takes a lot of patience and time. If an accident happens, it doesn't matter. That can happen.

Average time of toilet training

Again it is very important that you have a lot of patience. Potty training takes a lot of time. If you start pushing, it often has a negative effect on the child.Of course every child is different. And certainly in the development. Here is a small summary of an average child:

  • Between 18 and 24 months: practice with the potty
  • Between 24 and 30 months: Train on toilet training
  • Between 30 and 36 months: toilet trained during the day
  • Between 36 and 40 months: also clean at night

Tips for toilet training

Toilet training your child is often underestimated. It takes a lot of time, practice and constancy. Fortunately, I have some good tips that really benefit you:

  1. Read a book on toilet training together.
  2. Go to the potty / toilet at fixed times.
  3. Make it fun. Reward them when they get it right. A good alternative is the training stickers. You can stick this on the jar if he or she has done well.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Put your child on the potty regularly. This is very important especially in the beginning.
  6. Let your child also get used to the toilet.
  7. Replace the potty with a toilet trainer.
  8. Adjust your child's clothing if it already goes on the toilet trainer. replace bfor example rompers with leggings or trousers.
  9. Bring extra clothes for when you go out.
  10. First teach them to only go during the day and later also at night.

To the toilet together

Going to the toilet with your child is a very good method. If your toddler sees what you are doing, there is a good chance that he or she will copy you and therefore want to go to the bathroom himself. Therefore, be clear in your actions and try to give a good explanation. If you go to the toilet together, your child will get used to the toilet right away. Then it is less scary for them.

Different methods

There are many different methods of toilet training. Which one fits you is entirely up to you and your child.

  • No more diaper.You try to get your child to spend the day without a diaper. With this method you explain to your child that he or she must indicate when to urinate.
  • Reward method.You can go a long way with compliments. For example, give a reward if he or she has achieved a new goal. For example, did not wet the bed for 3 days.
  • Clean communication.As soon as you know whether your child needs to pee or defecate, take him or her to the potty.
  • Fixed moments on the pottyIf you stick to fixed moments, you have to keep this up for a long time. For example fifteen minutes after dinner and just before bedtime.

Every child is different

Each child develops differently. One child would be ready sooner than another. Or one person will pick up on learning faster than the rest. It does not matter. If it takes a little longer than usual don't worry, because it will come.