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How do I take care of my baby's skin?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

That baby's skin is so soft. Of course, you want to keep it. Especially for your baby's health. A baby skin is still very sensitive and vulnerable. That's why you need the right knowledge to take care of your baby's skin.

Tips for dehydration of the baby skin

Baby skin is extremely sensitive, which also makes it dry much faster. Baby skin doesn't have a good protective layer yet. These are called Sour mantle. That layer protects your skin from bacteria, irritations and infections. Here are some important tips to keep baby's skin from drying out.:

  • Wash up to 3 times a week. A baby's skin is very fragile and the longer and the more your baby bathes, it becomes even more vulnerable.
  • No more than 10 minutes in the bath.
  • Don't wash your baby with soap. Was your baby with a mild baby waxwhen your baby's four months old.
  • Drop baby oil in the bathBaby oil makes the baby skin supple and soft.
  • Dry the baby well.Deppen works best. If you start rubbing, there'll be red abrasions. Make sure you dry the folds of the baby skin properly. If this is not dry properly, there will be a rash very quickly. Use a dry Depping device for your baby. hydrophilic diaper.
  • Use the right one baby lotionIf you have special baby lotion used, helps with the care of the baby skin. This way the skin dries out a lot less quickly.
  • Was your baby with a baby washclothThis washcloth it's specially designed for a baby skin. By using a washcloth, your baby gets used to water faster. Don't use a normal washcloth for your baby's skin. They are extremely rough and cause red abrasions.
  • If your baby is suffering from extreme dryness, use extra fat cream. This cream is made for dry and abrasive spots. Perfect for dry skin.
  • Use daily cream to powderThis cream is specially made for daily use. This cream you put on the buttocks and has the same effect as a baby powder alone without the tampering. How convenient.

Common baby skin problems

Diaper rash: This is a common problem among babies. The rash is caused by contact between the skin and the urine of the baby. Bacteria in the stool can make this rash worse. If your baby is suffering from diaper rash, it's best to rub his buttocks with a special butt cream. This cream soothes and soothes the pain and redness in no time!

Hormone spots (babyacne):The little pimples in your baby's face are caused by hormones. This isn't because of the breast-feeding, which a lot of people think. This is already happening in the womb. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about this. So don't go putting crémeps or anything on it.that could make it worse. The pimples decompose after about three weeks.

White or yellow crust:There are a lot of babies who get hurt in the first three months. This is called berg. It's innocent. This will also go away and disappear within a few months.


A baby skin isn't used to cosmetics yet. That is why it is important that you take a good look at the ingredients of the products you want to deliver for the baby. The ingredients you should avoid are:

  • (high content)perfume
  • mineral oils
  • aggressive alcohol
  • parabens

Winter sunshine

Although sometimes you don't realize it, the winter sun can sometimes be more harmful than the summer sun. That's because of the amount of uv light that's in the sun's Rays. The snow often reflects 80% of the sunlight back to you. That's why you always rub your baby with baby sunscreen.

Be gentle

Despite having many remedies that can help you with the care of your baby's skin, you must always be careful and tender. If you keep doing that, your baby is also less likely to suffer from various skin ailments.