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How do I feed my child best?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

How do I do best for my child? This is a question that parents often ask of themselves. Am I doing okay? Is my child happy? Believe me, if you often sit down with these questions in your head, you ' re probably doing fantastic. Of course, there are always points that you can improve.

Different styles education

You've been rude about four food styles. Authoritative, democratic, indulgence and neglect. All 4 very different and not really compare to each other. To give you a clear picture of this, I'm going to explain to them.

  • AuthoritarianAuthoritarian upbringing means that you often feel superior in relation to your child. This style of upbringing knows a lot of rules and no brutal mouth.

Advantage:The child knows what the limits are.

Disadvantage:The biggest benefit at the same time is also the biggest disadvantage, is that the child knows very well what the limits are. Thus, he does not get the chance to develop himself, and often becomes lonely. Because the parents roughly say make all decisions for the child, he or she does not get the space to make self-learning choices.

Democratic.This education is also called authoritative education. The role of the parents and the child is very clear, but the child often has something to do with this style of food. This is a good and loving way of bringing it up. Your child has rules but also gets the space to discover itself a bit more and to just be a child

Advantage:A child who is raised in this way is more cheerful and sociable than a child with authoritarian upbringing.

Disadvantage:Because your child is being raised democratically, a child often wants to know how or why? They are not as easy to vote as they do at that time. That is why they are going to argue more often.

  • It's a little indulgenceWith this style of contact, there is a lot of commitment, but few rules and therefore more chaos. Because of this style, the kids will have a lot to say and get more freedom.

Advantage:Because the children receive so much freedom, there will be less tension in the house, as there will be less conflict.

Disadvantage:In this upbringing, children often do not learn what boundaries and rules are. This can be a big problem at school when they have to follow a certain schedule and there are suddenly rules. Because of this, your child can be very spoiled and difficult to get from.

  • Neglect.In this style of education, there is no control and involvement. In this nutritional style, the parents often don't really look at the child.

Advantage:The only benefit is that it will save time for the parents.

Disadvantage:This style of education has many disadvantages. The child will feel lonely and unloved. They can't build confidence like that. Also, it 's a dangerous way of raising it, because if they do n' t get love at home, they' re going to go find it somewhere else.

How do I know what style fits with me?

This is a very easy and difficult question at the same time. Actually, it ' s a bit of 3 styles together, that are the authoritarian upbringing, the democratic upbringing, and the indulgence of education. The depraved upbringing is not an option. Very simply said, if you cannot take care of a child, you should not start it.