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My child is going to the babysitter for the first time

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Your little one goes to the nanny for first. This is exciting for every parent. Especially to get the care of your little one else in the hands of someone else. Often, new parents who have no experience of this are also out of the question for as long as possible. But there comes a time when both parents often go back to work or want a little more time for themselves and that ' s okay.

Benefits for the child

Despite the fact that it is difficult for the parents to leave their child for the first time, it is good for the child's development. One important benefit is that by babysitting your little one quickly picks up social skills. Because the babysitter is busy with him or her all day and will talk to the little one, he or she will also get used to the idea of other people more quickly. Instead of just Mom and Dad.

Benefits for parents

There are also benefits for the parents. If you take a sitter in the house, you have more time to do your own things. Like Cleaning Up, finishing your work and even going to the barber. It's hard to trust your child to someone else, but it's supposed to be one day. In this way you also learn as a parent to let your child get a little loose. Unfortunately, your child is not always able to stay small.

At home or at the babysitter?
You better let the babysitter get to your home at the beginning. When a little kid learns to know a new person for the first time, this is already quite a lot. Let alone if they also have to get used to a new environment at the same time. If they are in their familiar environment, they will be less troublesome and feel safer. If you 're little fully used to the new nanny, it can also be at the babysitter' s home. It's just what you guys like as parents.


Often when your child is between the ages of 8 and 16 months, they will end up 9 out of 10 times in the single-night stage. If your baby is going to be a little, this is a good sign. In this way, they know it ' s not self-evident that mommy is always there. So it is a step forward.

5 Tips for the 1st day with the babysitter

1: Give the babysitter a tour of your house. This is useful so that the nanny knows where all the important things are. Like the toilet, possibly the room of the child and the toilet.

2: Get all the supplies ready.In this way, the nanny does n' t have to look for anything and knows exactly what she needs.

3: Discuss the daily schedule of your child.If you have a child, for example, if you have a sleeping pill, you obviously don't want to have a problem with it. Or if your child, for example, swallow certain medications in time, the nanny has to stick to this.

4: Give the sitter a list of contact details.Imagine if something is going on, they have the numbers that they can call in case of emergency.

5: Have a test day with the babysitter first.This way, you can really show them how you want certain things and how they should do this. So you can also see if your babysitter is right clicking with your little one.

The farewell

It's hard to say goodbye. Especially when it's for the first time. Every child would react differently to this. The one is more quickly accustomed to new people and the other a little less. The same applies to new environments. As a parent, this is certainly a very difficult part. No one wants to see his or her child crying and then walk away. Yet it must be done. You 'll also notice that it' s getting easier with time, for both yourself and your child.