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Why is toys good for development?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

What kid doesn't like toys? Toys are not only fun to play with but also very good for the development of your child. Nowadays there are so many different toys, there is plenty of choice.

Why is playing important?

It has been scientifically proven that playing makes children smarter. It stimulates not only the brain but also the coarse and fine motor. Playing is also good to connect with someone. If your kid can play well together, it'll help him make new friends at school.

What toys?

You have a lot of different toys. Toys can encourage children to imitate everyday events. Like Toysminiature dolls, kitchen, tea, Doctor setsand toy phones. This kind of toy is very good for your child's development. This way your child can learn how to deal with these kinds of situations in everyday life.

Emotional development

By playing with other children, a child experiences all kinds of experiences. Then they can process emotions from their experiences. For example, it helps them deal with disappointments. The child develops stamina and will therefore be satisfied if this has been successful.

Cognitive development

Playing helps kids think more logically, because they're focused on something. Then they want to do the best they can. They learn to concentrate better.


Blocks give children infinite expression. As children gain more experience in building the blocks, their creativity and imagination will expand. They not only develop their fine and coarse motor skills, but they can also think more logically and learn to think ahead.

Why blocks are so important.

  • Logical thinkingQuantities: order order order order order- measures patterns.
  • Language:Questions ask- exchange ideas- names of buildings- concepts like under, above, behind etc. Recognizing and naming forms.
  • Shape:Cartridges
  • Observe and move:Observe eye-hand coordination spatially.
  • Socially emotional:Various forms of game- self-confidence- autonomy- fantasy- cleaning of material.
  • Nature orientation:Detecting properties of material.
  •  Toys for babies


Even when your baby is just born, colors and toys are important. Here is a small list of suitable toys for babies up to twelve months:

Children's toys

Educational toys for children