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Tips to get your child to eat vegetables

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Vegetables and children hardly ever go very well together. The color, the taste and the smell. It's not the happiest of things. Still, there are ways you can get your child excited about vegetables.


In general, songs are a good way to get young kids excited about something. The moment a toddler hears a fun and happy song, they often want to cooperate a little faster. So come up with a fun and appropriate song for the vegetables where your child finds it difficult to eat it.



Rewards work 9 times out of 10 very well. For example, if your little one has eaten the whole plate of vegetables, give them a reward. This way they stay motivated because they know something fun is coming. Please note that you are not exaggerating, otherwise this will become too obvious for your toddler/toddler and he or she will expect that she will always get this.

Combine different flavours

For example, if you don't like broccoli, but you really like cheese, combine the 2 together. In this way they often tend to eat it anyway, because there is something in it that they like very much.

Make it something fun

By presenting the fruit or vegetables in a fun way, such as a smiley or a doll, children are often more enthusiastic and will therefore eat it faster. For example, combine some nice colored fruit together.

Give viable portions

If you don't like something small, there's no point in giving them an extra portion in the hope that they will get enough nutrients. This is counterproductive. Therefore, start with some smaller portions and as they learn to eat better, you make the portions a bit larger.

Buy nice children's cutlery

Colored by fun (children's) cutlery the children will be a lot more enthusiastic. Coloring stimulates the brain so it is also good for development.

Let your child help out in the kitchen

Because they are allowed to help in the kitchen, they also feel more involved. This is a fun activity for parent and child. If you as a parent show how enthusiastic you are about this, it only has a positive effect on the little one.

Get a comfortable chair

A comfortable chair is a very important point. Because they're so young, they can't explain that they're not comfortable. That's why they often want to be difficult or don't want to listen. Therefore, make sure you buy a good sturdy chair. What often helps well are the seat reducers. They are nice and soft and sit very comfortable.