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Breastfeed like a pro

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Breastfeeding or not? An important choice that is all yours. It is nice to have some general basis. And I will help you with that!


First of all, how does breastfeeding actually work? 

You and your baby are a perfect pair when it comes to breastfeeding. In the first weeks of your pregnancy, your body will start to make extra glandular tissue. This is the result of the action of your pregnancy hormones. Your breasts can be very sensitive and swollen. So don't be afraid it happens to all of us. Often breast milk is already produced in the 16th week of your pregnancy. So when your baby is there you (almost) always have enough food for your little one.

 Preparing for breastfeeding 

The best way to prepare for breastfeeding is all about getting the right tips and getting the right items. You need articles like swaddle multi cloths. These cloths have a multi-purpose. Theyare ideal to have with you when your little one gets hungry in public. This way you can put the dress over your breasts and your little one, so that you can breastfeed in peace. But they can also be used, for example, as a towel, sheet, summer blanket, shawl, play mat and as a changing mat for the car. How convenient is that! Also a must for mothers are the Philley milk powder storage boxes. Which is a big advantage Philley is that preparing a baby bottle is super fast and without mess. The splitter in the head of Philley, ensures exactly the right amount per click (4.6 grams).
Perfect right! It is also highly recommended for (new) mothersnursing pillow. This pillow relieves your back during pregnancy or breastfeeding. When it comes to your baby, safety is a priority. That's why it's useful to have a clamping fence to be placed in places where necessary. For example above and / or at the bottom of the stairs.

 How do I dock? 

The most difficult and most important thing is latching on your baby properly. A baby that has not latched on properly cannot get enough milk that way. Latch on well protects your breasts against, for example, breast inflammation and cracked nipples. Make sure you are relaxed and take a comfortable position. You have different ways of docking:

  • Under your arm 

In this position, you sit up straight with a pillow next to you and a pillow on your lap. Place your baby on the pillows with the head in front of your chest. Take your chest in your free hand and bring the head (which is currently resting on your hand) towards your chest.

  • Lying down breastfeeding 

In the beginning, many women prefer to breastfeed while lying down. This is the most comfortable way after delivery. In this position you lie on your side and make sure the nipple is in front of your baby's mouth.

  • Breastfeeding while sitting 

This is also a common position for mothers. Make sure you sit upright. For example in a chair or on the couch. You can use pillows as a support in your back or under your arm for when you get cramps. Although this is a popular position, it is not always easy with a newborn. This is because the baby is not supported as well in this position as in the other positions. 

Important tips and facts every mom should know 

  •  Purchase a baby wrap! 

A sling is very useful when you are out with the little one. This way you have more free hands and it is less heavy on your arms. It is also a lot nicer for your back. Wearing a sling gives you more support, making it less heavy on your back.

  •  Avoid tight bras 

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, your breasts will be very sensitive and the last thing you want is a bra that is too tight. So buy one breastfeeding or sports bra on.

  •  Wear nutrition T-shirts

The advantage of wearing a nutrition T-shirt, is that you don't have to take your shirt off. You can slide the layer of fabric aside so that you can gently feed your little one without all the complicated steps.

  • Breastfeeding protects your little one from diseases 

Of course, your baby's immune system is not yet fully grown. If you give your baby breast milk, the baby can fall back on the antibodies that he gets through you (his or her mama). In powdered milk these antibodies are NOT!

  • Double flask 

If you have a double flask this creates extra inflexes and therefore more milk. Double flasks also provides milk with a higher fat content and therefore more energy value.

Enjoy it!

Despite all the bumps and worries you encounter during your pregnancy, breastfeeding is one of the best experiences you'll experience in your life. Breastfeeding is an intimate moment between you and your baby. Make sure you enjoy it!