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What food is bad for a baby?

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Often as a new mom you are desperate when it comes to these kinds of topics. It does not matter. This is something every (new) mommy experiences. Often you have to learn these things and that's okay.

What can I not give?

Your baby can eat most of the healthy food you eat. Such as vegetables, fruit and bread. But there are also a few exceptions that you should pay attention to;

4 months to 1 year. (All these products contain pathogenic bacteria to which young children are very sensitive.

  • Raw meat and products made from raw meat.
  • Raw eggs and products made from raw eggs.
  • Cheese made from raw milk.
  • Raw shellfish and crustaceans.
  • Raw fish or pre-packaged (smoked) fish.

Sandwich spreads

  • Honey.Honey can be contaminated with a bacteria that can make children up to 1 very sick.
  • Liver sausage or pate.This contains too much saturated fat and vitamin A.
  • Cheese spread or regular cheese. This contains too much saturated fat and salt.
  • Cheese made from raw milk. This can contain pathogenic bacteria.

 Milk and milk products

  • Regular milk.Breastfeeding and the bottle are better suited to the needs of your baby.
  • Low-fat or semi-skimmed yogurt.
  • Chocolate milk, yoki and fristi.Your child does not need these drinks. They contain too much sugar.

Be careful with salt

It is important that you pay close attention to how much salt you add to your dish. The kidneys of a small child cannot process this yet. Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Do not add salt when cooking for your baby.
  • Do not use ready meals for your baby.

What do I need?

Of course your little one likes to eat for himself. Therefore, make sure you have the right items at home;

When can I give my child everything to eat?

This differs per child, because each child has a different eating behavior. Every child also reacts differently to certain foods. It is important to monitor how his or her tummy reacts to this. If they get a stomach ache or start spitting more, you have to wait a while. You should also pay attention to whether it digests well and quickly.