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Toys for any age

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

For every age there is suitable toys. Toys are not only fun and time entertainment, but it is also very good for development. The colours of the toys stimulate the brain in a good way, among other things.

Different toys

Babies explore our world with the senses they have. They have yet to learn all the knowledge. Toys are a very good alternative to that. It stimulates not only the brain but also the fine and coarse motor skills.

0-6 months: For a baby of 0-6 months you often have enough of 3-4 toys.

6-12 months:

Listen: Rattle, drum, recognizable musicians, activity hug

Discover:Boxes, sand, cabinets, playcloth

Grab:Soft ball, Cuddly toys, Self-driving cars.

Move:Ball Rattle

1-2 years:Once they reach this age, they will become more active in playing toys. At this age, they will actually learn to grab certain things or put them somewhere. Now they will learn fine and coarse motor skills. Here are a few examples to stimulate the brain:

- Activities cube

- Stack cube

- House of Form    

 2-3 years:At this age, they'll want to do everything themselves. From lacing bows to putting on their own coats. The same goes for their toys. They want to try anything and are very newsy. These are different toys where they can develop their creative part.

- Tool box

- Make-up set

- Doctor's briefcase

- 3 in a row game

- Children's kitchen

Toys are important

Don't underestimate the influence of toys. Activities such as role-playing for the children can help them a lot in development. The more they do this, the more they will understand certain situations. For example, if they need to go to the doctor or to the dentist. If you practice this with them a lot, for example, they will be a lot less afraid than usual. Toys are also important for example when they go to the preschool. Here they learn to play together and share toys. If they've already learned this at home, they'll be less difficult if they have to share everything in one go.