Difrax-S-bottle-Natural-Pink-250 ml

Type: Babyflessen

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The Difrax S bottle Natural 250 ml Pink is the most popular baby bottle for baby, daddy and mommy. The special anti-intestinal cramplets valve and S-shape provide a constant flow of bottle feeding. The Dark Blue Anti-colic baby bottle is to be used from birth and ideal in combination with breastfeeding.

Reduces the chance of intestinal cramps, spitting and peasants
Ergonomic shape stimulates natural power supply
Ideal for combination bottle feeding and breast-feeding

The unique S-bottle is to be used from birth (also in premature babies). The S-bottle has a scablable bottom. For example, you can easily fill the pink S bottle with ice cubes of breast milk and clean after use. You can breastfeed directly into the S-bottle of Natural flasks with the mamavrial Difrax chest flask.

The Anti-Colic valve prevents vacuum sucking and ensures a constant flow of the bottle feed. This reduces the chance of farmers, spitting, and belly cramps at your baby.

The S-bottle is the first baby bottle that not only provides an ideal watering hole for your baby, but also for a relaxing seating thing for you as a parent-thanks to its special S-form! The Difrax S baby bottles are there in different trendy colors and sizes.

Please note: Check for each use or the air hole in the center of the valve open only by squeeing it in a few times.

Tip: To warm up the S-bottle, Difrax developed specially the S-bottle heater: a bottle warmer that warms up the milk within 3 minutes for breast-feeding temperature (37 °C).




BPA free baby product