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Briljant Baby Bedkruik | Aluminium Stevig, Kruiken & kruikenzakken, Briljant Baby, Keekabuu

    B-boo - Bed jar - Baby & Lifestyle - Aluminum - 2-pack


    Two aluminum bed pitchers with chromed copper closure.


    Important warnings:

    • Never heat an empty or filled jug externally, eg by placing it in the microwave or heating it up in a pan. This can cause unwanted tensions in the material of the jar.
    • If a jug has fallen, check the jug extra carefully for damage and especially for leaks. Even if no damage is visible at first glance. When in doubt about the quality of the jug, do not use it again!
    • The rubber plate in the cap should be checked regularly for resilience and cracks. If the rubber is no longer resilient, replace the cap and discard the old cap.

    How to use the pitcher:

    • Place the pitcher in the sink so that there is no danger when filling the pitcher.
    • Fill this with water of 60 to 100 degrees Celsius, see also point "When used for babies and people who are not self-reliant".
    • The jar must be filled until it overflows.
    • Press the rubber in the cap firmly.
    • Wait until most of the bubbles have disappeared and then close the jar with the cap.
    • Then take hold of the jar with a cloth and tighten the cap tightly, without forcing it.
    • Then shake the jar with the cap down to make sure it is not leaking. Do this over the sink and away from your body so that you don't burn yourself if you leak.
    • Then roll it over the counter and then place the jug on a cloth or kitchen paper. Leave the jar for about 10 minutes so that any leakage can be clearly seen.
    Placement of the jar:
    • Wrap the jar with a suitable, protective, well-sealable jar bag.
    • Place the water bottle between the blankets and at least a hand's width away from the user. The heat circulates through the bed.
    • The jar should not be placed too close to the user. This is to prevent the delicate (baby) skin from being exposed to the risk of burns.
    • The pitcher should be placed outside the tarpaulin with the cap pointed at the foot end. In case of leakage, the water does not flow in the direction of the user.
    How to keep the pitcher (to prevent rust and possible leakage):
    • The jar must be kept empty.
    • Do not close the jar if it is still moist inside.
    • Keep the jar in a frost-free place.
    When used for babies and people who are not self-reliant, the following is important:
    • If it is necessary to fill the jug with water of approximately 100 degrees Celsius, do this only in consultation with the doctor, maternity care or midwife.
    • If the jug is used for children, it is important not to use a cover that invites you to play with it, so for example not in the form of a stuffed animal.

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