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Medela Quick Clean Microwave 5 Business

Safe, fast, and practical: with the Quick Clean sofas, you can disinfect your breast food accessories in about three minutes-faster and easier than cooking. This kills 99.9% of the most dangerous bacteria and germs.

Magnetronbags for parts of chest flasks and breast food products:
It is important that all accessories for breast feeding and feeding your baby clean Medela Quick Clean bags can help you with this. Put a small amount of water in a Medela Quick Clean bag, put your accessories in it and put the pouted bag in the microwave. During steam sterilization in the Medela Quick Clean microwave bag, as much as 99.9% of the most dangerous bacteria and germs are killed, so that your bottles, weans, fopspens and breast shields are clean and you can safely use them again.

Advantages of Quick Clean sofas:
Medela's magnetronbags provide for a thorough disinfection in about three minutes. The pouches work just like a steam sterilizer and you can save a lot of time. You can just fold them up and put them up.
For this unique, powerful cleaning procedure, only a microwave and a little water is needed. It kills 99.9% of the most harmful bacteria and germs on breast-coal parts and accessories.
Easy-to-use-you only need a microwave and water.
Space-saving-small and easy to store.
A sachet can be used up to 20 times.
Fast and safe disinfection of breast food accessories for a healthy baby
Reusable-advantageous and environmentally friendly

Polypropylene (PP)

For the microwave
For the cleaning of breast food accessories

Instructions for use:
Cleaning and hygiene:
Clean the parts immediately after use, to prevent the drying of milk and to prevent the growth of bacteria.
For the cleaning procedures below, use water of drinking water quality.

Get the objects you want to disinfect from each other.
Rinse all parts in cold, clean water (about 20 °C) and clean them in warm soap water (approximately 30 °C). Rinse again with cold, clean water (see Figure 1).
Add 60 ml of water to the bag (see Figure 2).
Do the parts that you want to disinfect in the bag (picture 3).
Put the sealed bag in the microwave. Place the bag in the centre of the lathes (Figure 5a).
Make sure that the bag is firmly upright and can rotate freely in the microwave.
If your microwave does n' t have a pivot plateau, you turn the bag halfway through the heating process to.
Heat the bag according to the heating times below.
Heating times
1100W + 1,5 minute
800-1100W 3 minutes
500-750W 5 minutes

If you hold longer heating times than recommended, the parts may shrink.
Carefully take the warm bag out of the microwave (Figure 5b).
Use oven mitts or potholders, as it can collect hot water and steam in the microwave.
Pour the hot water out of the bag first via the drain hole (picture 6). Then gently open the bag.
Carefully take all the parts out of the bag. Dry each part with a clean cloth (picture 7). Save the parts you do n' t use directly after cleaning in a clean zip-lock bag or a tray with lid. You can also wrap the parts in clean paper or in a clean cloth.
You can use the bag up to 20 times. You can keep track of how many times you have used the bag using the numbered boxes on the bag (picture 8). After each use, set a check mark in the next box.

The Quick Clean magnetronbag is intended for use with microwave-resistant plastic only.
Do not place the bag in a conventional oven or grill oven.
Do not place the bag on a metal grille that comes with some microwave ovens.
Do not use less than 60 ml of water. If you use less water, the parts may shrink.
Don't fill the bag too full.
Do not disinfect the hose in the microwave bag.
The hose may then become deformed.
Be careful when you take the bag out of the microwave and open the bag. Hot water or steam can escape (you can burn it here).

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