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OXO Tot - Babyvoeding - Diepvriesbakje
OXO Tot - Babyvoeding - Diepvriesbakje
OXO Tot - Babyvoeding - Diepvriesbakje
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    OXO Tot - Baby food - Freezer container


    The OXO Baby Food Freezer Container is your friend when it comes to freezing small portions of baby food. You can store up to 14 baby snacks in one tray. And thanks to the round shape, they come out easily when you need them.


    Each compartment offers space for 22 milliliters of baby food. This is a small snack, but at the beginning your baby will still have enough of it. Then you scale up to 2 blocks and maybe even 3.

    Lockable and stackable

    You can easily close this baby food tray, so that any frozen odors do not enter the tray. If you have several trays, you can easily stack them.


    And your baby is a step further. And do you no longer use this baby food freezer container for baby food? Then it will serve as an ice cube tray for years to come. A good example of sustainably reused 


    That's why you want this baby food bowl:

    • For the first bites
    • Stackable
    • Lockable
    • Blocks release easily
    • Suitable for in the dishwasher
    • BPA free
    • PVC free
    • Phthalate free
    • Can also be (re) used for ice cube

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