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Philley Melkpoeder Bewaardoos | Limited Edition Blue, Melkpoederbakjes, Philley, Keekabuu

    Philley - Melkpoeder Bewaardoos - Limited Edition Denim Blue

    €19,75 €21,95

    The biggest advantage of Philley is that preparing a baby bottle is super fast and without spilling. No more brushing off scoop by scoop and tipping over in the narrow opening of the bottle. The splitter in the head of Philley ensures exactly the right amount per click (4.6 grams). Turn once until the "click", which equals 1 level scoop of milk powder.

    Benefits of Philley

    • Exact dosage(the internal splitter provides level scoops)
    • Ready quickly(click, click, click, and your bottle is ready)
    • No mess(simple system, practical to use)
    • Handy for at home and when traveling(at least half a pack of baby food fits in Philley)
    * Pay attention!! special diet foods may not be suitable for use with Philley (including Nutramigen).

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