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Snoozebaby - Boxkleed - Speelkleed - Frost Grey | 75x95cm - Keekabuu Webshop voor Baby en Kinder artikelen

    Snoozebaby-Boxdress-Speelestry-Frost Grey | 75x95cm

    Move into the perspective of a baby: on your belly or on your back on a nice soft-box rug, also called playcloth, with just different labeling of all sorts of fabrics around you, inviting you to grab them, play with them or thumbs up. You may want to roll, crawl, drag; Snoozebaby would like to encourage a baby ' s feeling to feel at home in a safe environment and to research. This box dress, of 85 x 105 cm and made in China, consists of 20% out of velour and 80% cotton, with a fiberfill of 3 à 4 cm. 

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