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All about bottle feeding

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Breastfeeding is more often recommended and almost over-praised. But what if you can't? Fortunately, there are also alternatives.

Bottle feeding or breastfeeding?

This is often a difficult choice. And for some of us no choice at all. Some women can't breastfeed. That often depends on different reasons. But that's okay. Bottle feeding is recreated in such a way that all the necessary nutrients of breast milk are incorporated into the powder. This way your baby will still get the good fabrics.

Which bottle should I use?

There are a lot of different bottles, which makes it a lot of choice. It's best to go for a bottle with a bottle nipple teen. This bottle has an anti-intestinal valve and due to the S-shape there is a constant flow in the bottle.

How do I prepare the bottle?

Making a bottle for the baby is not difficult in itself. It is important that you follow the steps carefully;

  • Wash your hands well.
  • Make sure the bottle and teat are clean.
  • Check the packaging to add the right amount.
  • Fill the bottle with cold tap water. (Do not use tap water if you have lead pipes).
  • Heat the bottle in a bottle heater. Warm the bottle until it reaches a temperature between 30 and 35 C.

Giving tips of bottle feeding

  • Make sure your baby is in a relaxed position.
  • Put your baby in your arms and make sure it sits a little upright.
  • Switch arms per diet.
  • If necessary, use a food pillow
  • Do not tighten the bottle's cap too tightly associated with vacuum sucking.
  • Let the baby leave a burp during or after drinking.
  • Get the right teat. The bigger the baby gets, the bigger the teat has to be.


Bottle feeding shelf life

Bottle feeding remains good in principle until the date on the packaging. Make sure it is kept in a dry and cool place. After opening the packaging it is good for about another 4 weeks.

Not preparing bottle feeding in advance

Here in the Netherlands, bottle feeding factories advise against preparing it in advance. In this way, bacteria can develop in the bottle that can make your baby sick.