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My kid's got chicken pox.

by Kimberly Schoobaar on December 26, 2020

Chickenpox can be a huge burden. It's very annoying but fortunately temporary. Alhoe it can affect one more than the other, there is always a solution.

What are chickenpox?

Chicken pox are (small) red itchy spots caused by a virus. Often this takes 13-18 days. Then the itchy spots will disappear.

Symptoms chickenpox

Chickenpox often begins with the child's hanginess. They often feel unwell and can also get fever. They will also want to eat less. After about 2 days the red spots will appear. The spots will often appear on the face or torso first. These spots are made up of blisters. These blisters can get really itchy.

What to do in chickenpox

  • Don't scratch it. No matter how it it itches, try not to scratch. If you scratch it, the itch will only get worse and scarring can occur.
  • Lubricate the skin properly.Apply zinc ointment or menthol gel to the skin. This will ease the itching. Also make sure you keep your child's skin greasy because of dehydration. This can be done with acream especially for the dry skin.
  • Airy clothes. Make sure the clothes you put on your kid are light and not tight. This may cause even more irritation to the skin and even more itching.

Are chickenpox contagious?

Yes, chickenpox is highly contagious, but you can only get it if you've never had this before. It's even contagious if there are no signs of it yet. So your child has never had the chickenpox, but a classmate will get it, chances are your child will get the chickenpox too. So once you realize your child is infected, keep him or her at home until it's over to prevent further infections.

Chicken pox in newborn babies

In babies under 3 months of age, the disease may end with complications. This only if you've never been infected as a mother. That's because your baby doesn't have antibodies in his or her blood before the virus. They usually get this through the placenta.

 When to the GP?

Nine times out of ten, chickenpox is innocent. That's why you don't spend a lot of time with this kind of ailment in the family doctor's office. Call the GP.;

  • When your kid gets sicker and sicker.
  • If your child has a high fever.
  • If your child is under 3 months of age.
  • If your child throws up a lot.
  • When your kid gets drowsy.
  • When your child gets stuffy.